Sunday, March 23, 2014

reading challenge

I love nothing more than getting cozy -wherever- and reading a good book. 

This year, among other things, I have taken on the book challenge for myself.  I started off with 2 books a month, but I am almost on my 4th this month alone. I am going to read 4 books a month until 2015.  It could be hard.  I mean not all books are going to be as good as the ones I'm reading right now (which is the Twilight saga - for the umpteenth time - shut it!), so keeping myself motivated and to find time in the upcoming busy school schedule will absolutely be challenging. 

Every night I can't wait to "go to bed" because that's when I get a lot of my reading done.  I spend hours reading and can finish a book in two days (which is pretty impressive, considering I'm only reading in the wee hours of the night).

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