Tuesday, February 18, 2014

about me

Here's a little 30 things about me, to get to know me in a nutshell...

1. My name is Rachel
2. I sign my signature with a little r and it drives my daddy crazy
3. My birthday is August 24th and that makes me a Virgo
4. I am addicted to trashy reality TV ... and that does not mean Ke$ha is my idol
5. I' m 28 years old and I'm totally not where I wanted -or thought- I would be in life
6. My favorite movie is Crazy/Beautiful
7. I recently started working out, and now I can see why it's so addictive - feel the burn, bitches
8. I have probably moved more times than Jenelle has had a new boyfriend (and that's saying a lot!) Over 22 times ladies. 
9. I've had 3 new iPhones in the past 9 months, seriously!
10. I smoke Marlboro Lights -I know, gross!-
11. My favorite color is pink 
12. I don't have children, and surprisingly enough, I'm okay with it. 
13. I love animals, but don't have any living with me right now -sad face
14. I got married in 2012, and was divorced by the following year -long story and yes, you will totally judge me if you hear the story-
15. I'm currently in a very complicated relationship.  If you think you're in a complicated relationship, please come trade places with me... 
16. I love twitter - and I tweet a lot! 
17. I work for Scentsy, and it's the best job I've ever had. 
18. I love to play xbox, but hate the boys that hit on me because I'm a girl who plays xbox
19. My favorite thing to do in my downtime is: -in no particular order- reading, using photoshop, watching trashy reality TV, driving around wasting gas listening to the radio, and making lists (I'm a list maker for sure
20. I am obsessed with the Detroit Red Wings 
21. If I feel a booger in my nose, I pick it.  I don't care where I am - and it's totally acceptable to me because as long as I'm not eating them who the eff cares?
22. I hate fake immature people.  keep that shit away from me, just because I like trashy reality TV does not mean I would be friends with those trashy cunts.
23. My awesome boyfriend and I have been together for almost a year now (and we're still counting - regardless of what people say, because people throw rocks @ things that shine
24. It's so crazy that life changing things always seem to happen to me on the 24th (like how I saved that for the 24th post?
25. I have a small addiction to shopping at Aeropostale and VS - which is probably why I'm broke
26. I have a perfectly new mac computer upstairs, but I use my crappy windows laptop so I can sit on the couch 
27. I currently attend school for ASL, and I hope to be finished in the next few years
28. summer is my absolute favorite time of year.  I hate winter with a passion
29. I am a true night owl 
30. I love random vacations.  You know the ones where you just decide you're going on vacation, you pack, and off you go. 

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