Thursday, February 27, 2014



Now that the Olympics are behind us, we started our regular Hockey season back up, and life is back to normal.  I mean nothing satisfies this girls need of eye candy more than a Tomas Tatar skating across the smooth ice at the Joe.  He is such an asset to our team, and if he ever leaves the Red Wings I will be devastated.  I mean have you seen his goal against the Stars? 

This week also marked the last week of February, everyone do there happy dance!!  Spring is right around the corner, and I could not be happier!  It will soon be time for light jackets, flip flops, and walks outside enjoying the sun on my body.  Spring/Summer bring me such joy.  And we need a little joy around here. 


This week was a very rough week.  It started out amazing, then slowly started to fall apart.  I'm not sure what exactly is going on with Nick, but I know is psychosis is all kinds of messed up.  His grip on reality is all but gone sometimes.  And I have no idea what is causing it, because it could be a lot things; Schizophrenia, Bi Polar Disorder, Depression, etc.  I'm not a doctor, so I don't know.  But I know he needs help with it.  This has been a horrible roller coaster ride, and I just want us to get off.  I want him to come back to me.  It's so heartbreaking. 

This week started my awesome monthly gift - enough said.  Right bitches?  I mean it's completely nasty.  It hurts like hell.  And I get super bitchy.  And guys don't get it.  ha. 


Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday

me meeting Peter Facinelli in Ft. Lewis, WA when Twilight came out on DVD. 
He was an amazing guy!  He made sure every single person got there picture and stuff signed!  He even missed his flight to do so!  Such a big heart!!!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

flappy bird

Anyone else had/have a flappy bird addiction?  

Anyone heard the news that the maker of flappy bird took down the addicting game and now everyone who ever played it is having withdrawls? 

Well, no need to bang your head off the wall while screaming flappy bird anymore bitches.  Because now for the low low price of $6,000 -and possibly your first born and left leg- you can get a phone or tablet on ebay! 

They're selling like hot cakes, and I mean who wouldn't pay six grand to tap a screen trying to get the most hideous bird ever created between two Mario pipes??  

I have a brand new iPhone 5C (pink) that has flappy bird, and I am willing to give you a bargain price of $4,000.  Get in touch with me at:

This is the Motorcity....

...and this is what we do! 

I have been waiting for this day since the Olympics started!  Today, the Red Wings are finally back together and they play there first game since the Olympic break. 

I am a Hockey girl, and we are HockeyTown!  We take Hockey very seriously here.  

So throw your wings up - and of course...

"Let's Go Red Wings!"

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Monday, February 24, 2014

marriage monday

Marriage Monday
When you first met, did you think it would end up the way it is?  yes and no.  i figured we'd be living together, but i didn't think we'd be dealing with the issues we're currently dealing with.

Is he what you ‘normally go for’? psychically, not at all.  but his personality is exactly what i look for in a guy. 

Do/did your friends approve of him? not all of them, but we've won a lot of people over when they actually see us interact together. 

Does he give you butterflies each time he looks into your eyes? every single time.  he's been giving me butterflies for longer than he realizes.

How long have you been together? one year, but we've been apart of each other's life for the past 4 years (and we even knew each other in high school)

How long do you plan on being together? i plan to be his forever, and ever, and ever.

Are you friends with his mates? 
his friends maturity level is like jr. high level, so when nick nack and i broke up 4 yrs ago they made it there business and apparently it bothered them more than nick and i - who got over it and ended up back together.  like i said ... jr high maturity level.

If it came to it, would he rescue you at 3am if needed? i don't even have to guess - it's yes!  4 years ago around 3am i pulled up to my house and there was a skunk in my front yard.  i sat inside my car for about 10 minutes and it wasn't leaving!  i called nick and told him to hurry and come save me.  he lived about 10 minutes away, and when he got to my house the skunk was still there.  he scared it away, and tried to shoot it with his BB gun.  he saved me.  my true night in shining armor. 

How many times a day does he tell you he loves you? enough.

Do you trust each other? 
yes.  he is having the hardest time trusting anyone with everything that he is going through, but he talks to me the most, and shares things he isn't with anyone else. 

Have you met the parents and vice versa? 
i've been apart of his life for 4 years, of course we've met each other's parents.

Does he ever take you shopping and spoil you rotten? no, but i don't want to be spoiled rotten!  he picks me up random things when i'm not with him (like pink liters, or pink stuffed animals, or candy) and i like that more!  it lets me know he's thinking about me when i'm not around.  i think i spoil him more when it comes to materialistic things, and i absolutely love it that way.

Ever layed in bed together in each others arms? 
we live together, we do that all the time! 

Is there an age gap between you two? 
it's like a 2 month age gap, and i'm older than he is.

Has he ever showed signs of breaking up? no he hasn't.  he's going through one of the hardest times of his life, so we talk about it, but i am his rock and he is mine, so no break up in our future.

Do you have ‘a song’? yeah we do.  it just kind of fit our relationship perfectly, so we didn't pick it - it seriously picked us.

Does he and your ex get along? 
this is a hilarious question.  they seriously have a love/hate relationship with each other.

Do you have trouble telling him the truth sometimes? 
i've never had an issue with telling the truth to anyone. 

How did you meet one another? high school, but we were brought back together by fb. 

Would you trust him if he left the town for a month with no contact? would i trust him?  of course i would, but the no contact would make me so sad.  he's apart of my every day life, so if he had to leave for a month and we couldn't talk it would definitely take a toll.

Hows the relationship been so far? it's been a challenge.  but it's been a wonderful, crazy, romantic, spontaneous roller coaster ride.  and i wouldn't change it for anything.

Does it bother you if he doesnt say ‘I love you’ when he leaves? 
no. it's totally fine if he doesn't say it every minute of every day.  i know he loves me.

Does he pull you aside to kiss you goodbye or do it there and then? he just does it then and there. 

Has he ever asked you if his outfit looks okay? 
awe that's so cute. lol. yes he has and it's always adorable.

Does he own a lot of shoes? not really, no.

Has he ever asked you to change your skirt to jeans if going out? uhm no, because i rarely wear skirts.

What colour eyes would your child have? 
well he has brown and i have hazel, so i would hope they would have mine.

Does he greet you with a hug each time you see him? 
not every time.  we live together, so we're always around each other.  when he goes to work for 12 hours he'll hug me.

Are you the jealous type? 
at times i can be, but i really have nothing to be jealous about.  he's mine and i know that.

Does he have a bit of a reputation? i don't know... and honestly i really don't care...

Ever been away together? 
yes, we went on a mini work vaca over the summer last year.

Do you remember your first kiss with one another? yes, i absolutely do remember our first kiss.

How was it? it was so sweet.  we went out, and at the end of the night he got out of the car and leaned in and kissed me good night. it was perfect.

Do you ever kiss him and wonder if its the last one? 
no i don't.  

Would you ever get his name tattooed on you? haha.  i learned from that mistake.  i will never get a guys name tattooed on me again.

Would he get yours? highly doubtful - but he does have my last name tattooed across his chest, so that's good enough for me.

Has he ever bought you a gift for no reason but his love? 
he does all the time

Ever stayed up chatting til stupid o’ clock on the phone? 
yeah when we didn't live together, but we preferred hanging out because we were only 8 minutes from each other.

Do you text a lot? we do text a lot.  even though we live together, we're always texting each other cute things when we're in the other room - we have a romantic kind of love. 

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Saving Mr. Banks

Last night, I finally sat down and watched Saving Mr. Banks, and I knew I just had to come straight here, and share my thoughts. 

Growing up watching Mary Poppins -as I'm sure most of us have- when I heard about this movie coming out, I got supercalifragilisticexpialidocious excited!!  

It was definitely a very emotional movie, which I wasn't expecting.  It was so nice to hear all the songs I fell in love with as a child.  Emma Thompson was brilliant, and added all kinds of laughs along the way. 

I'm not going to say really anything more, because I want everyone to enjoy it for themselves.  So mark your calendars for March 18th and don't forget to pick up a copy for yourself. 

All you'll need is a comfy couch, some snacks, and someone to watch it with (or watch it alone - it's okay - I did)

If you've seen it already or are going to, I'd love to hear what you thought of it. 

Friday, February 21, 2014

blondest moment of my life

As I'm driving shotgun with Jeremy the other day in his new blazer, somehow I got on the subject of what he's owned in the 4 years that we've known each other.  The conversation was short, sweet, and embarrassing as all hell.... but embarrassing moments make hilarious stories later!  So here goes the convo: 

me: so since I've known you you've had a GMC, Ford and a Chrysler 

Jeremy: excuse me? 

me: this is a damn Chrysler ... isn't it? 

Jeremy: dumb founded-ly staring at me.

me: *pointing at the steering wheel, at that symbol*
THAT IS A DAMN CHRYSLER SYMBOL!!!! (I yelled it!  Because damnit!  That totally is Chrysler in my head)

me: *immediately after saying that* haha - just kidding.  I meant Chevy. 

I couldn't even play it off like I was joking, because I totally serious.  And his dad retired from Chrysler so I literally had no excuse to even say that.  I felt like an idiot for the next 10 minutes - then I started talking about something else.  

I think what happened was in my head I meant Chevy, but it came out Chrysler. 

Thursday, February 20, 2014


It's been so long since I've blogged here, I'm not even sure if people are still doing this.  If not oh well, I liked it.  I'm doing it.  So there. 

This week I decided it was time to start getting my life back, and went and rejoined the Scentsy party.  It was an awesome company to work for, and I couldn't not join in on the awesome fun all the consultants have.  So yeah for an awesome job, and making that extra money that is so desperately needed. 

I got off my antibiotics so basically got my life back.  I pretty much slept almost the entire week away.  So bad, that we had people over for dinner and I could barely keep my eyes open.  So as soon as I was done (mid movie, conversating, and people still enjoying dinner) I put my plate in the sink and went to bed.  I'm such a rude host ... doesn't it make you just wanna come over my house and hang out? 

I was on antibiotics for most of the week, so therefore had no life.  Slept a ridiculously long time.  And missed all my TV shows (but thank you DVR).  Life on antibiotics for me is a sad, lonely existence. 

The entire week my weather channel® told me that today and tomorrow was going to be warm - like 51° warm ... and it is definitely not warm today and it won't be warm tomorrow.  I mean it is warmer than it has been, so I shouldn't be complaining ... but I am, because that crappy weather app lied to me! Just straight up lied.  Well see who still wants to be your friends after that huge fuck up.  Because you are definitely not in my circle anymore! 


Of course as I'm up this morning doing things I probably shouldn't be doing I am watching the pretty fat flaky -best kind- snow fall from the heavens.  I go about doing what I'm not supposed to be doing, and the house starts to rumble from this loud crazy thunderlike noise. 

I scratch my head, because ha!  There isn't thunder when it snows.  That's totally only a "rain only in the summertime" occurrence.  Then it happens again.  And holy hell bitches ... it's freaking thunder!!!  

Freaking loud, shake my house, snow thunder! My mind is blown.  I wouldn't have believed it unless I witnessed it myself ... and I in-fact did witness it with my own eyes ears. 

It's totally legit.  And trending on Twitter, so you know it's true! 

Mind is officially blown.  

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

thankful thursday

This post may be short, but it will hold meaning.  I promise - and if it doesn't I give you permission to come poke me right in the eye ball.

Today, I am thankful for ... the advancement of Oreo cookies!  I mean when I was a wee little gal -wait!  I am still a wee little (28 yr old) gal, damnit!-  those things came in one flavor ... "Oreo".  Now those spoiled little pretties have all kinds of flavors to choose from, it's not just Oreo anymore. 

Well done cookie gods. 

Now that you've probably got your pointer fingers all ready for my beautiful hazel eyeball, let's get into the good stuff. 

I am thankful for my family who is not in-fact my biological family.  My real dad died when I was just 2 months old, so this man stepped in when I was just a baby, adopted me, and never told me he was not my real dad.  This family stepped up when another family abandoned me.  The only reason I know now, is because I accidentally found out.  They never treated me differently.  I was always apart of there family and I thank them so much for the opportunity to be apart of a loving family. 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday
up up and away...

about me

Here's a little 30 things about me, to get to know me in a nutshell...

1. My name is Rachel
2. I sign my signature with a little r and it drives my daddy crazy
3. My birthday is August 24th and that makes me a Virgo
4. I am addicted to trashy reality TV ... and that does not mean Ke$ha is my idol
5. I' m 28 years old and I'm totally not where I wanted -or thought- I would be in life
6. My favorite movie is Crazy/Beautiful
7. I recently started working out, and now I can see why it's so addictive - feel the burn, bitches
8. I have probably moved more times than Jenelle has had a new boyfriend (and that's saying a lot!) Over 22 times ladies. 
9. I've had 3 new iPhones in the past 9 months, seriously!
10. I smoke Marlboro Lights -I know, gross!-
11. My favorite color is pink 
12. I don't have children, and surprisingly enough, I'm okay with it. 
13. I love animals, but don't have any living with me right now -sad face
14. I got married in 2012, and was divorced by the following year -long story and yes, you will totally judge me if you hear the story-
15. I'm currently in a very complicated relationship.  If you think you're in a complicated relationship, please come trade places with me... 
16. I love twitter - and I tweet a lot! 
17. I work for Scentsy, and it's the best job I've ever had. 
18. I love to play xbox, but hate the boys that hit on me because I'm a girl who plays xbox
19. My favorite thing to do in my downtime is: -in no particular order- reading, using photoshop, watching trashy reality TV, driving around wasting gas listening to the radio, and making lists (I'm a list maker for sure
20. I am obsessed with the Detroit Red Wings 
21. If I feel a booger in my nose, I pick it.  I don't care where I am - and it's totally acceptable to me because as long as I'm not eating them who the eff cares?
22. I hate fake immature people.  keep that shit away from me, just because I like trashy reality TV does not mean I would be friends with those trashy cunts.
23. My awesome boyfriend and I have been together for almost a year now (and we're still counting - regardless of what people say, because people throw rocks @ things that shine
24. It's so crazy that life changing things always seem to happen to me on the 24th (like how I saved that for the 24th post?
25. I have a small addiction to shopping at Aeropostale and VS - which is probably why I'm broke
26. I have a perfectly new mac computer upstairs, but I use my crappy windows laptop so I can sit on the couch 
27. I currently attend school for ASL, and I hope to be finished in the next few years
28. summer is my absolute favorite time of year.  I hate winter with a passion
29. I am a true night owl 
30. I love random vacations.  You know the ones where you just decide you're going on vacation, you pack, and off you go. 

big changes

I'm back bitches!  
After almost a year away from my belov-ed baby, I am back with tons of new things to write about.  It's crazy what can go down in under 365 days, so get ready for some laughs, cries, shockers, and just plain pure entertainment from one blogger to the next....

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